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Arena Rock Lyrics

by The Steinways


Arena Rock Song Lyrics

Arena Rock by The Steinways

Winter's finally over
But sometimes spring's a little colder
When you feel a little older like I do
Deciding's still like guessing
And sometimes things are still depressing
I mope around, rocks rolling in my shoes

And I feel like I've got better things to do
But those things are really far between and few
And there's a lot of that going around
We're digging deep down into the ground
So I'm bailing out
I'm coming right back home to you


I've been up all night
I try to set things right
Cause I haven't been doing too well without you lately
Can't figure out what I'm about

Everything is stuck
I finally ran out of luck
But I figured that just this once, oh maybe
I could suck it up and work it out

Cause I can't go on this way
Oh I wonder why I stay
I'm feeling nothing but dismay
And everybody knows

I've got this itch up in my brain
And it won't let me refrain
And I do nothing but complain
And everybody knows
But no one ever grows
So it could be time that I did, I suppose

So aboard this Greyhound bus I do enclose
Every part of me that really blows

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