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It's So True

The Rum Drunks Lyrics


It's So True Lyrics

It's So True by The Rum Drunks

Listen into this one
The drama has just begun
Is it intuition or a hunch
It's closer than it's ever been before
Living life by a magazine
Sleeping nights by the Vaseline
Every social scene needs a king
And you fit the mold perfectly
Is it in the books that you read?
Or did it fall from a tree?
Are you so wise naturally?
I've got to know so I can sleep.
You're a big fish that I know
But your pond is getting low
Every town needs a show
Oh how I hate to see you go
Moving onward and upwards until you're discovered
Always complaining that no one really knows you
But I do
Pointing your finger in every direction
Changing your look and chasing fashion
It's so true
It's so true
You've had a hard life I've been told
And a rep for being sold
You're drowning in the undertow
Is there anyone to save you now?
You trampled on your best friend's trust
And your heart is filled with lust
I hate it ended up a bust
But something tells me you will linger

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