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The Rum Drunks - Brainstorm lyrics

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Brainstorm by The Rum Drunks

Should I go outside, should I get something to eat
Should I try to smoke a rette, should I wash my smelly feet
Should I comb my ratty hair, should I shave this scraggly beard
Should I try to go to work, man this brainstorming is weird
Should I fix another drink, should I peek outside the door
Should I try to go to work, God I don't care anymore
Should walk around in circles or take off all my clothes
Should I buy a bunch of cocaine and inhale it up my... no
Should I try to find me a woman, or maybe masterbate
Should I try to get my peace of mind, oh Lord it's just too late
Should I go outside and attempt to get a tan
Or just bob my head in circles as I watch the ceiling fan
I think I'll give the dog a bath, maybe shave off all his hair
Should I mope and whine and weep and cuss or change my underwear
Should I lay down on the couch and watch the TV all day long
Should I rob a couple of B-Quicks man this brainstorming is wrong
Should I go back to school or have I ever been
My body feels like jello, man I'm brainstorming again
Should I feel this way forever, should I go out to the zoo
I hope one night when you're alone, the brainstorm will f*** you

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