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Therefore I Am - Splinters lyrics

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Splinters by Therefore I Am

And so they say
Hey kid why can't you keep your head up?
Please stop pleading and start acting like yourself.
Well who the hell is that anyway?
So with no signs of relief
I seem to see more sense in holding hands with the dead.
While I lay alone
While I lay below old photos of us;
The milestones.
Cause' my friend told me
She'll settle deep like a pain in the palm of your hand.
So I said
"Can't you see
Man, it's not all that easy
Cause I don't know what love means."
Oh I wish you'd at least let me see the golden roads that you promised.
Or just give me back my jaded heart that you stole when you left me high and dry.
Cause' what good is wax without a wick to burn it all away?
What good is hope when all you've left me is a fabricated,
Fair-weather phrase.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just a kid
Maybe I've sunken into some quarter life crisis.
I don't know.
Maybe it is this weight,
This darkness that makes me shake,
That keep us all alive.
I don't know.

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