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Wish You Knew Lyrics

by The Redemption Song


Wish You Knew Song Lyrics

Wish You Knew by The Redemption Song

Lookout little stranger now i'm comin for your head,
And when I get my bounty filled i'm leaving you for dead, dead, dead.
A heart of gold with words to kill,
But you'll be dead and gone so soon and i'll be standing still.
I remember all the times you tried to crush me with your weight,
Quickly look me in the eyes listen up
And hear me say i want bloody revenge today.
Wish you knew:
I wish you knew your memory will fade
But you smile like the fool you want to be,
You fooled yourself but you never fooled me.
Goodbye little dead man i'm walkin away,
Tearing it out, burning it down, taking my revenge today.
With love, you have my love.
Now watch me wave goodbye, live your life and die.

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