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Quart Of Gin Lyrics

by The Prize Fighter Inferno


Quart Of Gin Song Lyrics

Quart Of Gin by The Prize Fighter Inferno

See the raindrops start to fall, the man with outstretched hand
See your dreams unravelling and nothing goes as planned
Cabs go by and you heave a sigh as you dream of a girl long gone
And all you see's a cup of tea when the whole long day is done.
Cheer up, chin up, dry up your tears and stick your head in sand
Walk away and talk away for what's to understand
The house is cold and the roof is old, the roof might well give in
But we don't give a damn we've a slice of ham and a quart of cork dry gin.

Dry your eye when you start to cry
Lie down upon the settee
Light up your fag and you take a drag
And you sit and watch the TV.
Watch the sinners and the saints,
And the saints who fall in sin,
For the heart that breaks and the thousand aches
There's a quart of cork dry gin.

There's a ghost beside my window, there's a ghost beside my bed
What I leave behind stays in my mind with the ghosts inside my head
I lift my load, look down the road, and ahead, behind's the same
When I start to run I've just begun to go the way I came.
At half-past-four they bar the door and the pub it empties fast.
I'd rather stay than walk away to the shadows of the past.
I hear their song and it's loud and strong, but I know when they begin
That their serenade will quickly fade with a quart of cork dry gin.


Willy was a little wild and he shot his neighbors dead
The lad was bad, but the judge was sad
And he wept as he shook his head
"My boy," says he, "there's clemency for many a venial sin
But if this is true I sentence you to dine with the cherebim."
"Well then, alas, it comes to pass that I must take my rest
Lay me down into the ground with a bottle on me chest.
I'd like a tune sung 'neath the moon by a maiden sweet and thin
And by my head when I am dead pour a quart of cork dry gin."

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