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Music Video

One True Cause Lyrics

by The Prize Fighter Inferno


One True Cause Song Lyrics

One True Cause by The Prize Fighter Inferno

It's a football match,
When we pass the hat it's a break from the day to day,
We're the chosen few, but support
And you can march on our chosen way.
Simplify, O simplify, it's easier to say
One side is good and another is bad when the facts are far way

Chorus: We're fighting for the one true cause,
It's all that we have known,
All we say is there's one true way,
And that way is our own, me boys,
And that way is our own.

We're aided and abetted by the bogeymen
And the politicians too
Gas on the fire makes the flames burn higher
And all our dreams come true
Sharon recruits for the Hezbollah and Omagh for the Prods
Atavism lives and it rules the day
And we worship ancient gods.

History is a lovely word, it's power in disguise,
Handled well, we can hide the smell
When the smoke gets in your eyes
We'll raise a glass up to the past and toast to auld lang syne,
And power to the one true cause, which means to me and mine.

If I have Right upon my side and my rationale is sound
It might not matter all that much if you're six feet underground.
It might not matter what side I'm on or if what I say is true
One thing is for bloody sure, it's the other side from you.

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