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Long Ago Lyrics

by The Prize Fighter Inferno


Long Ago Song Lyrics

Long Ago by The Prize Fighter Inferno

Greg: "Here's a song called 'Long Ago'
And we'd love it if you sang along.
The chorus is easy, it just goes,
'long, long ago, long, long ago, long, long ago."

Long long ago has my true love has gone now,
Long long ago has he left me alone,
And longer still I'll be waiting apon him,
My eyes they are dried now, my heart it is a stone.

Well I remember the day that he left
With the fine clothes he dawned and the hat on his head
Kindly he caressed me then he turned and he left me
And well I remember the words that he said.

(Chorus:) Long, long ago.

I'll come again when the nights they are dreary
And the days they are short and the wind it is cold
Where is he now is the thought that torments me
Who is it now that he comforts and beholds?

Oh come back again oh come back to your true love,
'Tis the dream that I have that you'll walk by my side.
We'll wander the valleys so lovely and green.
But my heart it is broken and surely I must die.


And when I am dead and the tall grass grows over me
Be it white with the frost, be it damp with the dew,
Little I will care and small will be my sorrow
When I close my eyes and I dream no more of you.

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