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XXl (Extra Extra Large) Lyrics

by The Potato Pies


XXl (Extra Extra Large) Song Lyrics

XXl (Extra Extra Large) by The Potato Pies

When you're small and skinny
Choosing clothes is not a problem
When you're big and fat
Its impossible to find some

I try to fit in to small and medium
But they're skin tight
Go up to large- it isn't as bad
I tell myself it's just my height

But i really know i'm so fat
I'm extra extra large
In big- sized clothes
I can't remember
The last time i saw my toes

Standing up is becoming hard
Maybe i'm just tired
Yeah right, lets face it
I'm a tub of lard

I probably won't find love
With some anorexic tart
But when can i
Open up my heart?

There's too much fat in the way
Can't you tell?
This takes some time
To grow and swell

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