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We Love Cops Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


We Love Cops Song Lyrics

We Love Cops by The Overprivileged

Once upon a time to protect and serve,
had some sort of meaning weren't just empty words
pull me over drag me out whole car searched by ugly cop,
no drugs found must let me go my only crime a rolling stop
we love cops for their sense of humor, we love cops for their open minds
we love cops for most any meal, with a little bit of ketchup and a pickle on the side
issue out another ticket making money for the state,
making sure we've paid our dues, mustache makes your head inflate
making sure we're not suspicious making sure we stay in line,
making sure the coffer's full then charge another parking fine
send in another fucking ticket another 80 bucks in debt,
six months later in the mail they say i haven't paid them
yet ticket enclosed a note upon an angry late upon my brow,
"the fine print, you forgot to sign it, don't forget the late fee now"

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