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Power Shift Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


Power Shift Song Lyrics

Power Shift by The Overprivileged

i wanna kill this antiquated centralized distribution model,
i don't wanna get fucked anymore by this status quo some coddle
don't let fear keep us bound here.
look across this threshold before it closes up forever,
see the hate and rage of chaos see the swarming hell hell hell
fear is natural before the refining fires of change,
you must be afraid but do it anyway, i already fell fell fell
don't let fear keep us bound here.
own yourself, remember where the message comes from,
think again, once you have it figured out
ask not, what this world owes you -- it owes you shit. what will you make of it?
status quo's the real foe, this hell we call these tiny lives,
giving up our tiny souls to dead unliving corporations
zombies defend rights of them to won us make us wear their name tags,
providing the machinery to keep us working in their gulags
don't let fear keep us bound here.
time is split and this short fit of choice will quickly pass pass pass,
now's our only chance to make a change that will last
tectonic forces are already moving to intercept you,
if we make no move to fuck them, only we will lose lose lose
i ask again: if not now, then when?

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