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Ode To Diallo Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


Ode To Diallo Song Lyrics

Ode To Diallo by The Overprivileged

at first it was we feared the police, stay in line, get on your knees,
Scared of their use of weaponry and malicious brutality
then it was the cops feared us. new gangs, big guns, then militias,
a few shots fired, some faces stunned, few cops dead, they were outgunned
fear leads our society, in our minds and in our hearts,
if we don't break this trend, everything will fall apart
now we fear the cops again for different reasons than we had then,
not for excessive violence -- it's for their incompetence.
yet it seems the cops fear us: try not to look like a rapist,
41 bullets with nothing to show, except the death of Amadou Diallo

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