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Alcohol Excuse Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


Alcohol Excuse Song Lyrics

Alcohol Excuse by The Overprivileged

i'm so sick of hearing how you just can't get along,
without chugging beer like a human beer bong
resigned to the fact that you're already a goner,
your alcoholism worn like a fucking badge of honor
stop accepting that this is the way it has to be,
join AA, stay out of bars, and get some fucking therapy
i won't stand by any longer and take your damn abuse,
it's abusing me when i get your alcohol excuse
you always claim you have no money, not a single dime,
because you spend it on the high life every time
killing yourself every day, each brain cell one by one,
your friends are still fighting for you
but you act like the bottle has already won,
in the morning i'll sleep in,
in the afternoon i'll lie awake.. till the sun falls down
don't use the word functional, cuz i don't do anything anymore worth doing..
most nights i make it to my bed
i know, my friend, this will kill me in the end .. and i don't mind

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