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Theoretics - Passion lyrics

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Passion by Theoretics

Mark Hoy -
This wasn't only designed for all my strong survivors
It was also designed for all my 9 to 5'ers
We're not getting any younger
Not too late to start
To search your inner self and find what truly drives your heart
It's obvious, we pour ourselves into making art
In an attempt to live our dream and inspire thought
In the minds of those who have been closed off
The driving force behind what I hope is the lesson taught
They're out to get you
Your soul is on the chopping block
They'll cut you at the knees and even let the body drop
So never back down or you forsake your right to fight
Bow your head to no man let'em feel your might
If you feel our passion
Defy the norm
Stand firm with the battle lines drawn
Release your inhibitions
Let them hear you shout
You ain't takin' my soul time is running out
Chimaroke Abuachi -
I formed this plan carefully with time and meditation
I thought of running but I glanced at what I could become
Now feet shake through storms carrying this mass
A ton of dreams in this dense stone dwarfs the sun
It's not potential, recognizing now controls what happens
Grow from the roots I understand but then you voice your sound
Some console your hesitation cause they fear your story
A volley of pointing fingers throws ascension down
Fight for elevating, die for information
The world listens clear, shake from solid ground
I see them force such a blow that returns a power
Carriers of dreams, be the vessel now
So we stand firm hold our heads high
Never will be conquered
Never will divide
Never brought to a standstill we never hide
Build a vessel for this rode
Find a path to climb
Lose control of your goals and what you build will break
So hang on in the middle of a world that shakes
Break through the walls let them hear you shout
Be the inspiration
See the future now

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