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The Last Sleepless City - Big Ideas, Bigger Hearts lyrics

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Big Ideas, Bigger Hearts by The Last Sleepless City

I’m burning bridges like I’ve got nowhere to go
Can’t speak my mind without stepping on someone else’s toes
And I’ve run out of ways to keep her happy and content
I’ve p**sed away all of my friends for a girl I thought was heaven-sent
But just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore
She sent me reeling, sent me searching for a cure
For all my pent-up desperation
And when I lost all of my patience
She pulled me underneath her wing
And she said
Boy, when the sun goes down
I'll hold you through the night
Protect you from the monsters
That you keep inside
Cause you're a nervous wreck
And nowhere feels like home
But if you give me a chance
I'll never let you feel alone
I'm a post-traumatic diaster victim
Of my own subconscious,
Searching for the fastest route
To a 12-step plan to help me fight this
And I guess you could say that
I’m just a boy pretending to be a man
No clue what I’m doing or where I’m going
Just spinning my wheels until someone tells me to stop
But if I had the cure
For my own discomfort
Slowly pulling me under
I could let it go
Knowing that she's alright
Because she keeps me sane
She keeps me safe in the light
And when the sun goes down
I'll hold you through the night
So you can fall asleep
Believing you're alright
But I'm a nervous wreck
Clinging to all I know
And I may seem so strong
But I'm too scared to go
And when the sun goes down
We'll hold each other tight
Set all our plans in motion
Let our dreams take flight
Cause we've got big ideas
And even bigger hearts
We could change the world
If we had any idea where to start
Where to start
Yeah, we’ve got big ideas and even bigger hearts

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