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The Karkadens - The Longest Road lyrics

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The Longest Road by The Karkadens

I met a good friend in a far away land
He taught me to hold myself within
He said "Vengeance won't get you to a better place
And then you'll never see her again.
Well, you can't bring her back,
But you can join her there.
It's just a longer journey for you,
And on tomorrow's scale forty years don't seem
The longest road to choose"
I've been thinking of your touch
And I've been thinking it too much
And I just can't keep my hunger inside
I feel so wrong to let the world go on
Without your love to feed my song
And I'm sick of always doing what is right
I remember days we'd waste away
Like time was loose as pocket change
The sun would never come to break the night
But years go by and still I try
To find you wandering through the night
Not gone, but rather lost and out of sight
I wish I had never let you go
I wish I had never let you go
Hours went by since you closed your eyes
And in my arms I held you tight
And wished that I could never let you go

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