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The High Kings - 5 Fingers Of Death lyrics

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5 Fingers Of Death by The High Kings

How is the word turning
I feel like i am the worse person
My tongue is hurting
From all of these cursing
And I am not certain
I think that m father is ,
Till I am walking in circles
And I am talking to third person
In the eight grade I got high upon a ,
I put it in my desk and I let it ..
Cause she ain't nothing changed
I am still known as a rude student
That will walk inside your class
And make fun of your school ,
I am too cool as a matter of fact
I have been running within these verses
While I am having a heart attack
I am in your bedroom .. no doubt ,
I am not black I am a white boy with a dark skin
.. wonder why they don't let me in
I am drunk on this gin and I am .. f**k it
I am the naughty rapper ever
.. rip my .. skin to make a .. condomn
They try to jump me they couldn't touch me
.. with a bunch of monkeys
.. girls see my dick size they realize they can't handle it
.. I get more kicks out of it than Jean Claude Van dame
And I am still spitting
Why every white girl love ..
.. out of damn
I got to keep it coming cause ..
Come from Rome Athena .. I had something for you
You know how they play reggetone .. I used to lick it
.. I didn't mean to kick it
.. is she Porto Rican people are speaking
She ain't right but you know I keep it tight
Naughty word murderer
Ina ..convert able
Niggers haven't heard of them
Till ...
Where I am from .. eating mash potatoes
I hate those
People say I am not wake enough

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