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Scargod Lyrics

by The Greenhornes


Scargod Song Lyrics

Scargod by The Greenhornes

Shameful and obscene thou are standing before me
Obsolete and stygian thine tears are bleeding

Drain the curdled blood of sorrow from a culm
And abandoned tears will be by your side
Why an angels dart splits my heart,
Neither nightshade nor sheeps

SCARLET I weep through mirrors enshrined
FADE WITH ME like with the Scargod you did

The burden of azure beholds my profundity
Progression is pathetic
When staring in silver tears

A wish absorbs his embracing,
Like a stone in the water bleeds
Recapture of confession will be your throne
Beheaded revealing - still my frozen aeons cascade

With teary eyes, I see the hand before me
Before me, that holds my astral tears

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