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N.r.a. Lyrics

by The God Awfuls


N.r.a. Song Lyrics

N.r.a. by The God Awfuls

Big fat man with a white bow tie stands proud on Liberty Isle
Spews racist's rights, religious hate and delivers it with a smile
Screaming at the top of his lungs about Jesus Christ and guns
And the master plan of the global left to disarm Americans
A battle cry for patriots and amchair fascist anarchists
Bigots, racists, politicians and all the Christian coalitions
Protect the sovereign rights of the old fat rich and white
$40 for the year, stop the immigration here
God save the N.R.A.
'Cause the f**kers came too late to join the K.K.K.
$1 for the saviors of society
Murder's got a price in the Land of The Free
Sell the angles, bankshot lies about how your father's fought and died
To protect what's right and true, the old red, white, and blue
Millionaires don't go to war they send the men they can't afford to lose
His speech incendiary, this pseudo-visionary
No voice to argue reason, just guns, God, or treason
I'd like to hear the rant when the f**king barrel's pointed at you
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
f**k YOU!

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