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Miles Per Gaia Lyrics

by The Getten Brothers


Miles Per Gaia Song Lyrics

Miles Per Gaia by The Getten Brothers

Today’s the best day to be alive
Creating is what keeps us here
Expressions of the drive
I don’t have a car
But my engine runs on energy
Not fossil fuels or Hennessey
Now I’m feeling this (from the source)
From the source
More is absorbed
The faster our sun runs the course
Gaia chasing Sol
Most exciting race of all
Our galaxy’s the road
Speed us through the mode
Green, blue, yellow, red stars
Seen at night
Telescopic eyes
Third one on the prize
I see my home long gone
But I see the phone
Light travels like a snail
Compared to pure consciousness
Supernovas spread matter
Is the Universe bottomless?
Three dimension, or is there 4?
So much space for us to go explore
Let’s resurrect Atlantis and dead the war
This world’s too small and the cost is too large
One are all, and the one’s in charge (x2)
Going off on a tangent
That’s ok, just try and stand it
Take a look and realize
The beauty of this planet
Waterfalls and running streams
Wooded lands and open greens
Serene deserts, palm trees growing
Beautiful life all over glowing
Wildcats and elephants
Running through the plains
Humans writing poetry
Some tapping veins
There are two sides of this
Every coin
Don’t have to choose either
Walk that line and join in
(Join in)
In the moment, in the aether
This present gift is a holy time
When it all makes sense
And colors start to rhyme
I just sit on this bench using my sense
More than five (more than five)
I’m not defenseless
Psychic powers in our nature
Taught real young that they will hate ya
If you stand out, or don’t fit in
What a lie no doubt
So I fit out (I fit out)
Division is the line that must be crossed, erased
There’s no such thing as cost
Cannot be separate
War tactics, economic collapses
Games of the wealthy tribe
Lost their hearts and lost their minds
What a dangerous game like suicide
Killing others
Personal gain, what if their mothers
Were the same as yours
The Earth
We all zoom from the womb
Warm in her arms
She supports us and we doom her
Pumping out the oil
Dumping trash in the sea
The fishes can’t breathe
Now the symptoms
The symptoms come to me
Must always see, feel
What is heard
Telling us, she
Gaia wants to raise her children
Just like me
Past the teenage years
Mature in the spirit
I start to feel
That’s not rain, those are tears

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