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Hot Nigga (Remix)

by The Elements


Hot Nigga (Remix) Song Lyrics

Hot Nigga (Remix) by The Elements

Jungle beats, nobody will, halla at me
Ooh nobody should pass no
And cant you hear nigga we bout to blow
All that sh*t you hearing on the radio
The same old, same old think, ooh
Take the shuts no, but I might just take a couple sourwood thou
And you aint never got a day if I got thou
Nigga I spend it cuz I get it
You baby mama love it and she win that
She just want a nigga that will ball out
She love a nigga cuz I go all out
And I hit it til she fall out
Im the reason why she always wanna to call
Cuz I give her that work, work, work, work
She gonna throw it back and make it twork, twork ,twork, twork
All I gotta do is sing a verse, verse
And we aint gotta converse
She know a young nigga fine with tash out
But she know that Imma win that ass
So she give me neck until I pass out
She dont show it but she wanna smash out
She saying, never R&B nigga life
Probably wanna a nigga wife
But I aint with it dog
Probably wanna a nigga wife
But I aint with it dog
Next on the right she gonna be in a video
Ooh no, I just bring it to the studio playin in night
Well I want to say
I never take her on a date, no
Ooh baby know Ive round and glow
f**k a lot of hoers, only cuz a nigga bout to blow
We the hit niggas
You not nigga, you only mad dog
Weve been goin in for a minute
And anybody know, weve been on the low and will kill it
Nobody hurt in a minute
And now we hit it and we bout to murder niggas
Uuh prepare slow, see will see you honey and switch your flow
But its easy got a new chick and a new thick
But its easy dog
Same b**ch I saw you with a bottle we can go
Or she will make the killing, she know Im winnin
I ball like in a competition
Feels alright to finish
You dont give an interest
I just give an interest
Cuz I know exactly how she want
Late night, every night, she know I go to work
And wont play right just might put em in a verse and get in time
Get it away as a proof that will just keep it cool
Cuz Im a honey guy

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