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The D.O.C. - The formula lyrics

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The formula by The D.O.C.

[Featuring N.W.A]
(Dr. Dre)
Check this out, we've come to the last and final record
This is Dr. Dre in full effect and we gonna kick it offa little
somethis like
We got my mella yella boy on the drums, We got Stan "the Guitar Man"
dropping the rhythm. We got LA Dre on the keyboard and I want the
posse in this muthaf**ka to rocl on this funky ass beat we're gonna
Aight, So Ice Cube, you the early bird on this muthaf**ka, run it
(Ice Cube)
Picture a nigga that's raw
Amplify his ass and what you see is what's on
Muthaf**kas I slaughter, blow em out the water
Word to me, f**k the father
My melody is deadly as a pin in a handgrenade
5 seconds before you get played
You can't throw me, I guess you'll blow up
Ever see a sucker scatter, it'll make ya throw up
Then I take advantage, you can't manage
To get up, all you can do is sit up, I get lit up
Hit up, Ice Cube tearing sh*t up
Like a dude you can bet on
Collide like a head on
Collision, stutter steppin is an incision
Of a nigga saying exactly what I vision
Because I'm gone, you think I left you all
But I stay in yo' ass like cholesterol
When I blast some solid ass alcatraz
And if you escape, you better swim fast
'Cause I'll catch ya, physically and mentally
And the capital punishment's the penalty
Sitting in the electric chair, grab a hold
Pull the switch, yo' body twitch, your eye's explode
Out your skull 'cause being dull on a flow
Is an N-O, niggas didn't know that I can go
Off and show off to throw off the law
Turn, take 10 paces then draw
What's left is a muthaf**ka dead in the alley
Ice Cube is the sh*t on the grand finale
(Dr. Dre)
Yea, yea that was funky but we need the muthaf**king villian to speak
So kick it
(MC Ren)
The grand finale, yo, it's my turn to bust
So let weak muthaf**kas turn to dust
If you're weak it ain't my fault
Just take a kick in the ass and get turn into a pillar of salt
And niggas that's biting just to taste me
I make the punk muthaf**kas buckle up for safety
And on the dope they caught from the flash
And swing like a bit when he's caught in a whiplash
Giving him pain 'cause I'm urgent
Rearrange the muthaf**king face like a surgeon
It ain't no excuse for the torture delivering
Don't say that I scare you, I can tell 'cause your shivering
Lyrics label wit an X and not a G
I say f**k the police, yo, so now they after me
I'm wanted by the law so I stay low
Representing the pimp, b**ches making my dough
In a different stage, I must of went on a rampage
Me and the D.O.C. are always hitting the front page
For what, for stealing and stepping up to the sheriff
And when I enter the party, niggas sh*t in a ?(cell pimp)?
For what, maybe 'cause I'm Ren
And when they clean up sh*t, yo, they do it again
So f**k it, sit back cool and relax
While Eazy busts the facts kicking the grande finale
(Dr. Dre)
Yea, y'all know what time it is. Easy muthaf**king E is in the house
(Eazy E)
The name is Eazy for me to come off like the inforcer'
Mass murder muthafukas in a course of
An everyday situation where I would stalk by
f**k the car, I do a muthafuking walk-by
Eazy-E and the D.O. to the C. and
Run house and there won't be no disagreeing
'Cause if there is some, you feeling staticy
Then I'm arrested (For what) assault and battery
Never outdone, only outdoing
Loving the b**ches and the hoes boo hooing
Why 'cause they're addicted to my dick
The pleasure of pain, the wing-ding and flipped it
(Yea) and never forget when done in bed by
Eazy, the name of a Compton hard head
Cool but local like loc never broke
'Cause they're paid to be Ruthless, this is why I do this
I don't give a f**k about fame
I rather deal wit a number than a muthafuking name (word)
Get me paid and then rap
'Cause all the other bullsh*t money ain't jack
Eazy but not that Eazy to deal wit
Especially if you're poppin bullsh*t
Put the E-A-Z-Y and to the E
Expression of thought on the muthafuking grand finale
(Dr. Dre)
Yea, that sh*t was funky, last but not least is the muthafuking D.O.C.
This is your album, so that means you definitely got to get funky, so
run it
(The D.O.C.)
Swinging, singing a brand new rap
On a rhythm concocted by my homie in the back and
If it makes you giggle, it must be kinda funny
But to me it's kinda cool (Tell 'em why), I'm making money
Tripping up the man wit the ?(swig tan)? movement
Proving if you're grooving then it cool when he be doing it
Taking a second for me to blow your mind
'Cause I'm the diggy diggy D.O.C. and I would've been down wit rock
But I was smart, the D.O. to the C. now on the formula
It's rough, I mean it's funky enuff for me
And you can have a listen after that and this and
D-O-N-'T M-O-V-E wit out permission
From the D.O. to the C., I'm just better than
The normal man and I'll be dumb if a sucker can
Ever compete wit the elite
Much less beat, it's like dancing wit 2 left feet
Never smile when the D.O.C. is in the room
Or I'm a send ya ass to the temple of doom
I got raw when I came to Cali
Now wit NWA on the muthafuking grand finale
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