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Temptation Lyrics

by The Dirty Guv'nahs


Temptation Song Lyrics

Temptation by The Dirty Guv'nahs

I'm thankful that we've made it
I should be satisfied
But we need to be the way we were
At the start, we were bold
Our legs were strong
But weakness came and changed, changed our mind

Somewhere beneath all the running
Deeper we rolled in the lie
She tried to bribe me with money
But I won't take her side

Temptation, I don't need you

So, I'm up here watching over
Over everything I've done
And I swear, I can't believe what I see
How on earth do I fall for every bribe, every time
Greed, she won't stay silent

She's gonna sing like a love song
She's gonna sound like a prize
She's gonna promise tomorrow
But I'm not trading mine

Temptation, I don't need you

Oh, oh she wants to live inside your mind
Oh, oh she'll try to stay
Oh, oh dig in deep you got to fight her
Hold on to me

Temptation, I don't need you

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