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Someone To Love Lyrics

by The Dirty Guv'nahs


Someone To Love Song Lyrics

Someone To Love by The Dirty Guv'nahs

Since the day I was born
I've been tryin to do too much
Poundin the road like a scar
I hardly remember
The reasons I'm hurting
I know I'm too stubborn to stop

I think I'm alive
But I wake up so lonely
I hardly remember
The good things you told me
I wanna be better than this
Than I've been so far

These are my hands
These are my brothers
And we're gonna stand
Til we see all the right beat the wrong
This is my heart
It's hard like a stone
And I'd go and trade All of my days
Just for one more night out with someone
Someone to love

If ya knew what you had then
You wouldn't let it go son
The song that you're singing
It don't have a chorus
You wanna go and blow it right now?
You better blow it in style

They called you a quitter
"You'll never see the top"
You don't have a reason
for the feelings you've got
You thought you'd be somewhere by now
But it turns out you're not

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