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Seeds On The Rise Lyrics

by The Dirty Guv'nahs


Seeds On The Rise Song Lyrics

Seeds On The Rise by The Dirty Guv'nahs

Got your news today
It's been awhile since you've gone
This old place never changed
Only us, moved on
Yes, I want to believe
We're not seeds on the rise
We're not thrown to the wind
and we don't go where it flies

So burn down my answers
And forgive my crimes
And sing me a song from the past
Cause I've got no reasons
And you've got no time
Waiting for something to last

And I think that it's strange
People look to the sky
Cause it ain't where you've been
And it ain't where you smiled
And we're only here for a time

Now there's hope for a plain man
Now there's hope for a thief
Living life in a strange land
Feelin lonely, and brief

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