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Blue Rose Stroll Lyrics

by The Dirty Guv'nahs


Blue Rose Stroll Song Lyrics

Blue Rose Stroll by The Dirty Guv'nahs

Down at the Blue Rose Stroll, well they like to shake a thing
Looks like a bunch of monkeys on a tight rope string
And you know, that Madeline will do you right
From Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Theta, Tennessee
Oh, the juke is always jumpin when the people start the dee
So grab your neighbor and get on in line

Tell your mama, and tell your daddy
that you're never coming home
You're gonna lay the licks and get your fix down on the floor
If you got a dollar lay it down
And tell your baby, "Spin me around!"
You gotta move your feet if you wanna make it out alive

You know the rich folks, they can't dance like us
They holler so much, but they can't ride the bus
And you know, my baby's riding for free
Well they keep on keepin' but don't know what's going on
Down here in the holler, where the whiskey people roam
That's where I wanna be

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