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The Diplomats - Zomboid [English] lyrics

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Zomboid [English] by The Diplomats

Licked by the Nurse Cosplayer,
I can't hold it in, it's time to ejaculate
Spattering slimy on to your face.
It only lasted five minutes but,
It was a pleasure, a trip, a trap, an S trip.
Running gooey into your mouth.
The S&M Porno's of the 80's were my adolesence.
Midori, Eri, Ai, Jyun.
The blurred out bits got in the way, frustrated and pissed me off.
Now even I'm all grown up.
These days I've stopped just watching the videos,
Now I go to specialty pervert shops.
I'm hot and horny for little Alpine Heidi.
At the small park in front of Shinjuku Gyoen
On the fourth floor of the Gotanda Building.
My eyes were opened anew, unable to look away.
It's too late to think that I can be Bisexual now,
So I rid myself of the thought.
Addicted to the male sexual organ. Licking up the goo.
Sweet my Honey
High Trance Play.

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