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The Dictators - Moving Underground lyrics

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Moving Underground by The Dictators

We will be here in the underground
Oh brother sister can you feel the sound
The simple things that make our world go round
Underground the musics moving underground
They came on up and take their place in my face
There talkin big and they got so much to say
They say that; I'm really digging on that sound that you play
Whattya say lets take it to another level today
How'd ya like to be on the radio?
Magazine and movie and the TV show
I'm a go getter got to get up and go
Meet me uptown this time tomorrow
So then we wonder should we do this thing
We go on down to hear them promising
That we'll be living like the kings on all the money we'll bring
You every whim that you want, catered to every need
We could move ya out of the underground
There's just one thing it's about your sound
Even though we love it, it's allittle run down
Let's meet ya in the middle, let's move ya uptown
And that's the last we ever saw of them
Domino keeps falling like a chain reaction
You cannot beat em if you think of joining
Come back the back door is open
Shout it out shout it out
You try to shake me to the ground
Jah strike fire and burn
You think I haven't been around?
Jah strike fire and burn
Don't let the deal be
Jah will bury you
It's a big conspiracy, they hate youth and they hate me

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