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The Deadlights - Use Your Head lyrics

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Use Your Head by The Deadlights

We think we've seen a lot.
When are we gunna start
Thinkin for ourselves
As long as we step in time
Take a number and get in line
Playin follow the leader all the time
A pawn waits for his next move
Media decides what's best for you
A counterfeit replica of the truth
But as long as you try persuade us to back down
We say -no way
You will never have to answer to me
And as long as i confide with what's inside
And what's the truth i will never have answer to you
So dance dance dance -whose pulling your strings
Prance around on the stage we call earth
Complain about everyone else
When we never take time to find out for ourselves
Controlled by the next in line
If it's rebellion you want then fine
We've been resisting since the beginning our time

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