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The Dead 60s - Chemical Valley lyrics

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Chemical Valley by The Dead 60s

We somehow cannot grasp
The concept of steady feet
We dance amongst our sins
Which only brings us to our knees
I can't say I'm any better
Cause I've been here time or two before
But I lie... cause I'm a stubborn fuck
Who keeps coming back
Even though I am shit out of luck
Lets see what tonight throws up
Maybe a lung, maybe a slew of tongues
Maybe some old-fashioned lonesome
Really it's you who keeps dragging me back
By my larynx and my lack of common sense
Everyone has been dying to have you
But I've been the only one killing for it
Line em up
One by one
Hell hath no waste like us
Ain't being empty fun?
It eats it's way
Right through your head
So you never remember
The nights we spend
We are all victims to
Some form of chemical bliss
But I think deep down you really need it
Kill off this desire
Before it kills me first
Oh no, what's left in the clip
Upon this covetous thirst
Line em up
One by one
I'm pumped and enthusiastic
So stick me I am done

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