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Expand (CAN Remix) Lyrics

by The Damage Manual


Expand (CAN Remix) Song Lyrics

Expand (CAN Remix) by The Damage Manual

Someone leans against the mirrored marvel,
Reflecting rascal, anaemic article,
The part you least expected,
It commands, expand.

A flawless life form, the lowest level,
Rejects the offer, you carried further,
The talk is all so loaded,
When you can expand.

Expand to reach a surface suffocated,
Shown equipment too large to break,
You lunge yourself to the underground,
Got to expand, got to expand, expand.

A meager mission yields amazing purpose,
Rebuilds your offer and flies it homewards,
Its' past tense past attention
When you land, expand.

A stranger grips upon your face upturning,
You thrive on battle, you try to settle,
A prayer for making minus,
In the hand, expand.

The perfect host for the endless story,
The missing motion, the frozen ghost,
The heart stops part achieving,
When you stand, expand.

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