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Stand up/stand down Lyrics

by The Copyrights


Stand up/stand down Song Lyrics

Stand up/stand down by The Copyrights

I thought we had a good relationship
The kind you can hang your hat on
Now I just hang on every word you say
The ones you hang yourself on

I think we used to communicate
The one thing we could rely on
Now all you have is your communique
And that's not much to fall back on

I think we used to have so much fun
Insanity versus drinking
Now you impulsively display your thoughts
Without too much thinking

Don't think I've ever seen you frown before
It doesn't mean I'm not happy
Now you're reciting your jokes alone
Without too much laughing

Oh no is it too much for me to take
Or is it over my head

It gets dark as the spotlight shines
Showing brick wall as background
No matter how many crickets you hear
I know you'll never back down

You start believing your excuses
The audience is too simple
I guess they need to know when to laugh
With a snare drum and cymbal

I'm sure the crowd thinks the same as me
We can see right through you
They know exactly when to loathe
Without the help of a drum cue

Well thanks for coming out tonight
You get applause because it's required
But more quiet than the earlier guys
I guess everyone's tired

Oh no is it too much
For you to take
Or is it over your head

You're in over your head

With friends like them
It's not a laughing matter at all

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