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Falling Awake Lyrics

by The Color Morale


Falling Awake Song Lyrics

Falling Awake by The Color Morale

In spite of my cheerful demeanor,
I'm afraid to set foot in the world.
We watch the same dead clocks,
These small hands need to meet the larger again.

I chose a road, the one I didn't know.
Now it has brought me here.
The stories I've gathered in travels,
I wouldn't trade for the years back.

There's a war inside.
I need something to get me through this.
Without you am I ever myself?
The only thing holding us back is us.
The time that won't wait for us,
And ghosts from the last times we died
Are all the same.
We can live again.
All we can do is try and try to try and try to change
For ourselves.

The night has been my covering
And the day is my disguise.
But I can't seem to stay far enough away
From self created lies.

For those of you who question your purpose,
Look inside the eyes staring back at you
Past your devil.
They long for purpose too,
And maybe that's your's,
I know 'cause it's mine.

You are the second hand air that I breathe,
And these songs were made for you to sing before me.
And they are more than just sounds,
And you are more than just an audience.
This is the family that I've found.

I chose a road and now I know
Nothing will ever come easy.
I chose this road.
Staying asleep is worse than falling awake.

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