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The City On Film - Anticlimactic lyrics

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Anticlimactic by The City On Film

Now june's tune is a powerful heartbreak lovemake, like
Cherrytime twists of summer and vanilla mists. your long,
Cold legs miss december senseless and at least our little
Blanket romances. like they said in my school - we're
Only giving the devil a ride when we swing from the knees
And when we roll to our sides, we burn and dive into
Whatever sea we see. oh, this girl has got quite a hold
On me. ya, you know what I mean. now angeline told me to
Watch and to pray for the conversion of the sinners along
My precious way. but to converse with the few confused
Had me wasting away days when all I saw was confusion and
Lack of grace. the neat coffee cream, the sweet sugary
Steam. the cold snow on your window; the world's a white-
Washed screen and I'm keeping warm from the winter storm,
From the howling, hovering screams right here next to you
And you inside of me. oh, this girl has got quite a hold
On me. man, ya know where I stand. so we laugh flawlessly
And we talk like licks of the wind with humor and opinion
And serious grins. we know we just can't help but love
Each other, 'cause we know it just can't happen any other
Way with our cinematic guise and our narrative eyes and
Our last wishes.

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