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The Chiodos Bros. - The lover and the liar lyrics

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The lover and the liar by The Chiodos Bros.

We're on a search to find the feelin gfor which we all die it appeared the answer to the problem and a reason to smile two lost hearts and one caught in the middle they came together and the other fell apart it appeared the answer to the problem I have no reason to smile the connection eyes meeting lips touching screaming "Sweet sianara" and the other gracious sounds of claudio sweat spit and tears exchanged alike mistakes made and forgiveness but the eyes still met and the lover still loved and the liar still lied then came the downfall to one's heaven stuck in a world where nothing is beautiful the nail was in the coffin it its time to change what the script reads there's no such thing as happy endings this masterpiece is finally ending slowly microphone psychiatry good-bye for good cravings fulfilled hate on oneself good-bye for good.

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