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The Bunny The Bear - Ain't No Nigga (featuring Crunchy Blac) lyrics

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Ain't No Nigga (featuring Crunchy Blac) by The Bunny The Bear

[Chorus 8x: Crunchy Blac]
Ain't no nigga gonna play wit me
[Verse 1: La Chat]
I got anna with you souls
Strapped up with the 44
Use to kick it with this bitch but now I'm buckin at this hoe
Never was a friend of me
Labeled as a enemy
I can't go I know you know it's on when we hit them streets
La chat ain't no fuckin hoe that's somethin that I'm funna show
All you broads and bitches 'cause goddamn I just can't take no more
Show up at ya ????? smack ya mammy with the tone
Teach you when you play with me you gone bitch it's gone be on
I got plans for me and you so what the fuck you gonna do
????? your nuts then your fucked I bet I make the news
Tired of all you sissy bitches finna go up on a mission
Kill up all these hatin motherfuckers and these niggas dissin
Never would you ever see
La chat ballin off some weed
Got me fucked up I can't go I'm buckin niggas constantly
Know when bitches test my pimpin that's when bitches end up missin
Know they told you about my killin so your weak ass should of listened
[Repeat chorus]
[Verse 2: Crunchy Blac]
Me and my dog we ridin low
And my dog picked anotha dog and guess what joe
They was doin a drug deal in the mist of my face
And you know me nigga I had to get a taste
I ain't with catchin cases
I'm with makin paper
And all you other niggas out here catchin vapors
Imma tape up ya body and put ya in the trunk
And ride around wit yo ass listenin to some bump
And then
I'm gonna goto your crib and kick in the door
Lay you on the floor and ask ya where the money bro
I ain't a hoe
I thought you knew that joe
And everybody else I'm lettin here the gunsmoke
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust bitch
Some of my niggas that
Some of my niggas this
Some of my niggas tote gats and they let em bliss
Some of my niggas tote bats and they beat ya bitch
[Repeat chorus]

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