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The Brat Attack - Sk8 And Destroy lyrics

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Sk8 And Destroy by The Brat Attack

Every generation of rebel kids
Last one saved from the suburbs
Compromise to a nation of lies
Never become what we despise
Went cruising for some destruction
Sk8 and destroy with the volume past 11
Found punk rawk counter culture
Not gonna be lambs led to the slaughter
1-2, with the renegade crew
3-4, AM at your door
5-6, get my destruction fix
7-8, met your match, met your fate.
Some of us fell to the curse
The crew began to disperse
No broken windows, just broken dreams
Everyone grew older, everyone but me
Came together, began to organize
To combat all the racist lies
Our duty to take back the streets
Leave the neo-nazi f**ks in defeat

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