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Knowing The Things That Know Lyrics

by The Bloomfields


Knowing The Things That Know Song Lyrics

Knowing The Things That Know by The Bloomfields

Knowing the things that I know
Tonight is no consellation
So what we live on a globe
And everyone I know is here right now
On this sphere

You are far away
On some end out in the water
Where the sun can't kiss you head to toe
The air can get you hotter than I could
I oughtn't even try
Whenever I do the space gets wider
In between us than before
I'm staring out from deep across the bed

Into our shelters we go
Shield us from the unbearably high sky
Shroud us in from what we know
Bandaged up from all the bleeding love
You don't even believe in outerspace
Equal to the rate at which you doubt my crying face
And since you don't believe me
Should I cover up and fake it?
Or just sit here with your disbelief and know that I can take it?

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