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Thebandwithnoname - Justified lyrics

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Justified by Thebandwithnoname

Knock knock hands up guess what we've got
Non stop punk rock hip-hop heart stop
Head lock brain shock bass drop we've got
One shot tick tock time's up stop
Knock knock who's there chipK chip who
ChipK Leon Straff and J give or take a few
We've got strings flutes exclusive loops
Big beats stomping to the sound of your boots
You got selected join the Collective
And take salvation to places uninfected
I'm like a manic street preacher shoutin in your face
Can you tell me how we can top Amazing Grace
Don't flow off the dome go with me
Get crunk that's the junk down with me
Jump up take it up bounce with me
Dum dum y' sing along bring it on
Come together stand by me
All you need is real salvation
Death defied we'll walk on free
Justified by love
I may seem crazy you place me with no credibility
You underrate me say I'm phasy I'm fake- see
I can't hear a word that you say to me
Shooby doo blah blah
God made me saved me embraced me
Gave me the credibility I needed
To make me holy He showed me
He sees me He feeds me
He makes me the way He wants me
He graces me amazingly
Can you feel his love
And I believe in Jesus Christ who came and died to save me
So I can gain eternal life with everlasting glory
And I believe He will return and we will stand together
Then angels sing with all the earth and praise His name forever

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