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The Band With No Name - Faster lyrics

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Faster by The Band With No Name

I do the boomshakalak when I'm ready to rock
You better hide quick hereI come ready or not
I bring the beats so pure its like H2O
Oh no here I go I'm about to overflow
Well I'm a homeboy but still I play it right
As I hold the mic tight I'm here to bring you light
Out of the darkness and where you can't see a thing
You're sleeping with your women but she ain't wearing a ring
It's time to burst the lust because in God we should trust
I'm not talking bout the ones who realise and lift him up
'Cos satisfaction is a way of seekin action
But you gotta realiseit's from the street crowd reaction
As I lay these rules down people start to refuse
'Cos they can't handle the truth and without God they're gonna lose
In the game of life you don't get a second chance
You can't get to heaven unless you book in advance
Are you ready for this
Are you ready for that
'Cos the bassline's rollin
And the bassline's phat
Now this be the one the DJ's play
This be the one make your body sway
Well I'm a Jesus junglist I praise His name
The sinners try to battle me I feel no pain
I listen to the beats and I give Him the praise
And I will follow his word for the rest of my days
I take the one way step to heaven and back
I got the Bible in my hand in case the demons attack
Kick it with the drums and bass cause this is how it's done
The Lord gave Hios light he gave His only Son
Jump around and move your body
Listen to me one more time a boss MC
I bring the lyrics to make you jump around
So listen to the DJ with the Holy Ghost sound
Drop in with the drums now to the bassline
Nuff respect to Jesus each and every time
Are you ready for that
Are you ready for this
'Cos the bassline's rollin
And the bassline's fresh
Everybody movin it's a fresh new technique
Rewind evangelise originality
No perimeter limiter parameter compressor
Emagical computer connected A-D converter
Da da da
La de da de da
La da de da da de da
I gotta get through in this life
Gotta get you from this to that life
Gonna give it to you
Gotta give you the truth
'Cos I wanna see you livin in that life

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