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The American Tragedy - Galaxy's Wall lyrics

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Galaxy's Wall by The American Tragedy

I heard you speaking to me
I felt you tugging on my need to be completed by you
I saw the most disturbing thing
A hundred singing swords raised up against you
You cleaned the scales from my eyes
With the mud from the mire called self, id, ego, I
I pray I'll never return to being my only concern
You've opened up my eyes with the ignorance of others
Why to give something existence that curses the Maker
And self and plays the desolate role?
When you fuel your own fire your retire your own soul
I guess we'll all see in the end
We want something better,
We need something better,
We'll be something better when we get to Heaven
I'm needing but bleeding from the inside out
I'm still waiting for the signal that I'm praying about
In a shout I overcome the negative ones
And the songs who pack the guns of a black kingdom come
I guess we'll all see in the end...

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