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The American Tragedy - Envy Green lyrics

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Envy Green by The American Tragedy

It makes me sick to hear
I'm covering my ears
I make the ocean noise
It's bringing me to tears
Cause I can reminisce
Such a thing as this
You're leaving
Well I can smell your fear
It's pushing me away
But you don't have the time
Or the courage to stay
I'm colored envy green
You're living out your dream
Take me too
Don't think about the noise
You'll get used to it
Or the sickness of the silence
Hanging on our lips
We can let them be
So open up to me
I'm listening
I'm falling all over myself
Just to hear you speaking
I lost touch with all of my friends
It'd please me to hear you
Cause I'm the same
But everything around me has changed
And nothings changed about me
And I'm the same
And everything around me has change
And nothings changed about me
This weight upon my chest
Captivates my breath
I have to think to breathe
It don't come easily
I squander all my words
Just to buy some time
Time is all I find
The world walks on by

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