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Thanatopsis - The Devil's Triangle lyrics

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The Devil's Triangle by Thanatopsis

Summoning the spirits in the triangular castle on the hills
Evocations, incantations
The centre of the universe, for the enlightened "Ubermensch"
Celebrations of exterminations
Built on remains of the pre-Aryan race
Absorbing the powers from their graves
The unholy forces of their ancestors
A place of evil, a place of scorn
Where thousands of witches were sentenced to burn
Executions, the final solution
One man's vision, one man's dream, a new world order, a new regime
Desecration, devastation
Forming a new world of knighthood, just like medieval times
The Teutonic invasion, the third coming of Satan
The energy streams determined the place
To erect this building of spiritual grace
To serve the purpose of the usurpers
Sacrificing lives of 1200 slaves to the cathedral of the "master race"
The ceremonial centre of a new religion
Summon the spirits, summon the dead
In the crypt down below, their ashes are she'd
Soldiers of hatred, knights of the Reich
Praise the spirits, praise the Antichrist
The triangular castle, an unholy place
The headquarters of the master race
The forces of evil are gathered inside
To end the epoch of the White Light
The triangular castle holds the key
To a secret beyond belief
The legend of the holy grail revealed!
The emperor of infinity guards the gates to divinity
The occult forces of the grail will prevail!
A circular crypt, the land of the dead
Where the ashes of the enlightened are she'd
Forever bound to the eternal black flame
The northern tower was said to be
Indestructible by their enemies
As the forces of evil have gathered inside
Bastion of the dark one, summoned by men, to watch over them
Join the godless celebration
Coronation of the Antichrist, feel the powers of evil rise
To end the epoch of the White Light

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