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Tha Dogg Pound - Your gyrlfriend 2 lyrics

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Your gyrlfriend 2 by Tha Dogg Pound

Mac Shawn:
Daz nigga wanna hoes right here man
These b**ches better have a rack on
A G strap
Daz Dillinger:
I had one hell of a night
Two freak ass ???
f**ked me and sucked me
Like hell of ???
Name Jackie
Sweat like ???
With an earing on her tittie
and a ring on her toung
I said lay back and let me hit the cat
Down to fifty hennessy
and plus we smoked a sack
I got busy on the cop
In back of the track
I'm like word that you heard
Nigga don't stop
Mac Shawn
I had this bad ass b**ch
She was freaking me
All up on that ecstasy
A bad defeat
Malcome X
Nothing going on
but some serious sex
Throw your hands to the back
Like a porno fleck
What's con is it
Don't bust a glock
Layed back
f**k b**ch
and I'm gonna rock the cock
See I'm back again
With this fresh pimp
and all my nigga
We all in
and everything
Is on a hoe
and some of you niggas
Just don't know
I said you just don't know
I said you just don't know
Hook 2X
You know {you know}
and he knows {and he knows}
and we know {and we know}
That yourgirlfriend is still a hoe
You punk b**ch
Daz Dillinger:
She was a pretty thang
but a nasty freak
They used to f**k her older sister
By the name of ???
She used to sing love songs
Why she was f**king me
pussy, tittie, ass shaking
Pry to god
Hoe don't scream rape
but i busta like a cherry
and i squeeze it like ???
Mac Shawn:
I put the dick in her face
and she loved the taste
Now understand why she loved that face
Cuz it's a freaky thang
but a good thang
Not knowin tonight
She going to do thangs
She preformed on one of us
Like never before
Imagne that
When she hit the flow
She sucked and sucked
I f**ked and f**ked
She paid Mac Shawn
and i straight got up
b**ch heres a towel
Wipe the nutt of your butt
Hook 2X
She came over to eat this rap dick
Yea I cocked the hoe
Yea I kicked game and knocked the hoe
A lil' dick love in b**ch
By the name of ???
I really did'nt kick no game
All i said was hey
She tourned around
Half ass like she was frome the bay
Her teeth were so f**ked up
Made it hard for here to say
What she wanted to do with this dick
I gave her a tip
Grab this dick like it was a toothbrush
In between your lips and scrub
Come on b**ch scrub
I came with that favorite toothpaste you love {sperm}
Snatched it out her mouth
Kicked that hoe out
She begged for the number
Like please don't end ot
Man I gave the b**ch a number to the dentist
Sent her on the way
Like just don't smile
Cuz if one time they see that grill
you know they gonna kill you
Hook: 3X
Mac Shawn:
b**ch you was nothing
Never will be something
We burn rubber on you
Raggedy b**ch
You nothing piece of hoe
Imagne that
Soopafly the high prince
Young Daz
Mac-N-Ass Shawn
It don't stop b**ch
raggedy junky hoe
f**k you and your friends
b**ch and your mother

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