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Polars Lyrics

by Textures


Polars Song Lyrics

Polars by Textures

In perfect balance between what was meant and things that are to come.
Fellow member of my kind, cannot control what you don't understand .
Time is tipping the scales of my judgement.
Steel-plated heart, that once was broken down!

I choose to walk away, because i can't bare to see things that fall apart.
We used to share one thought.

We used to have a bond.

Lost in a mountain area.
Hear her calling, but no response.
Even machines come looking for me .
This is a morgue
Silence is obedience.
In here, automated electronic systems keep the pace well, at regulating light and cooling systems.
as for now, inhere.
Lying there naked, wondering if it`s true:
Am I larger than the sum of my parts?
Engrave a sign in the earth`s crust.
I want to stay longer on this planet.

Things fall apart.
Give me more time for I`ll be worth it.
A vast as say as any highlands, there is still air there.
I am breathing , so I could be there now .

manifest, for me you end in Dogma
preparation made, silence seeks solution
can't stand the waiting for my sole, deadly sin
already stood till, and a while at the location

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