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Teratism - An Evil So Vile lyrics

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An Evil So Vile by Teratism

We are the scepters of desecration
Ablaze with might and averse will
Yearn for the taste of hallowed blood
Like rabid wolves beneath the sanguine moon
A feral lust saturates the air
Evoking the pleasure to kill
Our hate shall bring forth decimation
An apostasy to span the end of all time
We ride upon the burning winds of vexation
That smolder the crooked cross
The tribune has passed and we the accusers
The sardonic and demon thronged
We shall unleash an evil so vile
That all shall scatter and cower with fear
The unending rage shall render
The blazing winds of death
Like searing ash and cinders
That rain from the burning sky
The loathing, disgust and revulsion our breeding pestilence
The violence, Hell and all scourging our reigning malevolence
The ripping, tearing and gnawing will never ever rest
The pillage, the torture and raping all in the name of vengeance

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