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Television Personalities - Closer To God lyrics

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Closer To God by Television Personalities

It's the ballad of a Catholic boy
Full of Catholic hopes and joys
Genuflect and say your prayers
Confess your sins and God will share
Bastard Grammar School
God fearing
Discipline and saving beatings
But no one knows where we're going to
No one knows where we've been
No one taught anything at school
As a child made confirmation
Choose your Saint
Then choose your station
Hurt the child
Then shove it love
It's just violence in a velvet glove
Sunday, Church,
Confess to Father, repent your sins
Confess to Father
Four Hail Mary's, be forgiven
There's something inside, I'm driven
Just when I thought I'd lost my way
I'm feeling closer now
I'm getting closer now
Closer to God

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