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Teen Top - Standin Alone lyrics

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Standin Alone by Teen Top

[Yung Ro:]
Life been good for a nigga, since dude came up
But since dude came up, they claiming dude changed up
What don't I look familiar, ain't no stranger
We both shine at the same time, just so happen I aimed up
You fell, I came up with my own plan
I got problems of my own, can't cry for a grown man
But it's all love, that's why I put my heart in it
But this is my life homie, you just play a part in it
Cause I can't do them foolish thangs, that we did befo'
Cause I'm a grown man, did that when I was a kid you know
But niggaz don't understand, they spread mess and gossip
So here I am speaking this way, addressing the topic
They say friends are essential, their support show they care
I say friends are overrated, cause true friends are rare
Nobody run in pairs, seem like nobody care
Cause when a nigga needed help, nobody was there look for me
[Hook: x2]
I'll, ride for you
Oooh, I'll ride for you
Stand by me
[Yung Ro:]
Now let some folk tell it, they say Yung Ro change
And at times I question myself, am I part of the game
Just part of my pain, the other comes from living in vein
Cause so many friendships I held, I no longer maintain
But on the road to riches, politicing burning bridges
Shit happens, ay just a reality of the bidness
So I roll with the weather, attitude like ay whatever
Call me cocky and asshole, but smart fits me better
And it's whatever whenever, so we can take it wherever dog
Street smart so clever dog, got a weak heart get better dog
Me I'm not scared of y'all, I might stumble but never fall
Y'all the type of niggaz, that talk a lot but never dog
Don't get me started, cause we can go on forever
But the conclusion remains, we never belonged together
Nobody till I die, I don't trust you niggaz
And with all do respect, man fuck you niggaz
[Hook x2]
Yeah just like that, I need nodody to stand by me nigga
Man you niggaz know me man, I ain't changed man
Yung Ro nigga ah-ha fucker, don't stand by me I'm good
For real-for real, you know it's like my nigga Hatter told me man
He say Ro man, you just surround yourself around positive people ya know
And you already know, to stay away from the negative ones
And I was like yeah-yeah fa sho-fa sho, but he was like
You know the ones you really need to watch out fo', I was like who that
He said them in-between ones, you know the ones that don't move you at all
You feel me, I know you like why-why-why-why
Think about it for a while, now dig these blues
The mo'fucker who don't move you at all, you know
You-you-you find yourself, getting what you call comfortable you feel me
I mean, the nigga ain't negative I mean he ain't positive
But he ain't negative, so he cool ha-ha
And y'all just cold chilling, y'all prolly sitting together right now
Naw that ain't my purpose though you feel me, look out though man
Nobody nigga, that's how I'm banging it
And you can take it how it hit you, cause I'm so sincere
One hundred nigga for real-for real DJ Paul Wall, pain

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