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Sybreed - Ego Bypass Generator lyrics

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Ego Bypass Generator by Sybreed

You delight yourself in a paranoid state of mind
A bunch of mischief talking shit, it's what you're all about
You celebrate yourself in filth and self-indulgence
As you believe you own the world
Fuck you!
You blame us all to never trust your lies (trust your lies)
Your lame words won't ever justify wasting our precious time
You want it all, could kill for five seconds of fame
No matter who you suck: you're just a hopeless case
You rate yourself as fucking number one
A poisoned ego oversized but undefined
No hope you'll improve yourself
No reason to try to understand
A worthless, miserable one, absurd and non-relevant
You'll burn yourself with all your hate
You're tainted, devoid of soul
A vain being to nullify with no remorse
[Repeat chorus till end]

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