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As Am Blind Lyrics

by Sushrut Sebrial


As Am Blind Song Lyrics

As Am Blind by Sushrut Sebrial

You took me on the way,
Who was broken already,
You were the one leading me,
I felt myself so stupid goin',
On the way where you were takin' me,
I wasn't wanting but I let you take myself,
I've left to say nothing else,

You make me feel,
As Am Blind,
I Can't find my way,
I can't stand by my own,
I'm useless junk which has thrown,
I'm Not That,
You get that,
Way better than you,
As Am Blind
You hit me at back,

You were controlling,
Sometimes got me rolling,
When you want I workout,
When you want I've forgot,
You even don't let me feel for a while,
Slowly just grab up my smile,
Now I don't know am living or am dead,
I remember everything every line I've read,
But I can't recognize myself,

Blind, Blind, Blind,
That's not what I am,
Crime, Crime, Crime,
That's Not what I've done,
As am blind... (x3)

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